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Tile Pavers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, including swimming pools - both deck and coping installations. Installed using professional masonry procedures and specifications, all pavers are manufactured to the strength qualifications for use in driveways and other vehicular traffic areas.

These products are ideally suited for Mediterranean, Tuscan or old European designs, but can also be used in modern or more traditional settings to create a surprising and refreshing new look.

For stepping stones, or a more rustic surface, ARROYO OUTDOOR has developed a line of pavers that are free-form with a textured finish giving the timeless beauty of the highest quality stone. These are available in all of ARROYO OUTDOOR’s eleven colors noted on the following pages.

ARROYO OUTDOOR has also developed a bull-nose step paver that also comes with finished corner pieces. This product can be ordered in larger sizes to go over existing concrete steps for outdoor and garden restorations or for use as new garden steps. Available in all colors and finishes, the bull-nose step pavers will integrate with the tile on the front façade or riser.